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WHS & HR Manuals

Please Note: Purchases are not refundable and REEF SA/NT has no ongoing obligation to the purchaser in relation to the manual.

WHS - In South Australia and the Northern Territory the legislative primary duty of care requires a person conducting a business or undertaking must ensure as far as reasonable practicable the health and safety of workers and as far as reasonable practicable that the safety of others is not put at risk. In addition a person with management or control of a workplace must ensure as far as is reasonable practicable the safety of people at that workplace.

HR - Policies and procedures are introduced to make everyone’s role within the organisation more transparent and safe, they are not implemented to make working life more difficult. Some policies are introduced because an organisation is bound by legislation to introduce them. Policies are introduced to make the workplace a fairer and more efficient place. They provide consistency through procedures that are to be followed by both employers and employees.

The cost per manual for a non member is $550 GST inclusive and for members $330 GST inclusive. If you would like to order a manual please download and complete the order form below

The manual will be provided in a word document and the purchaser may amend or customise the template to suit business needs, however the Real Estate Employers’ Federation SA/NT have no responsibility and exclude all liability for any changes you make to the document.

Only Members who have purchased the manual have access to a soft copy of the manual through this web site.  The odd document/policy will be emailed to you upon request.  However, for the full manual you need to purchase it. 

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