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Membership Benefits


  • AWARDS – provided with current Real Estate Industry Award and Clerks Private Sector Award
  • PAY & ALLOWANCES – provided with wage/allowances sheets
  • TELEPHONE/EMAIL ENQUIRIES – members can call/email for advice or with questions
  • WEBSITE – access to members only on a range of industrial relations and human resources management topics and guides
  • AWARD NEGOTIATIONS – negotiating with unions on the Real Estate Industry Award 
  • EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENTS – providing employment agreements for salespersons, property managers and admin staff
  • MONEY CLAIMS – advice / acting on your behalf in tribunal / court
  • UNFAIR DISMISSALS – advice / acting on your behalf in tribunal
  • ADVERSE ACTION CLAIMS – advice / acting on your behalf in tribunal
  • WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS – help with workplace investigations for complaints from employees re sexual harassment, bullying & discrimination
  • WORK HEALTH & SAFETY (OHS) – manual which can be purchased. In-house help if asked for.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES POLICIES AND PROCEDURES – manual which can be purchased. In-house help if asked for.
  • TRAINING – in-house training for sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, workplace health & safety, HR policies & procedures, training managers.
  • MEDIATION – acting as mediator if employee agrees
  • MANAGING PERFORMANCE – initial advice IIMS – further help
  • RECRUITMENT – initial advice IIMS – further help